Prayer for Palestine

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There have now been over 30,000 Palestinian deaths, 70% of whom are women and children.The horrendous killing of innocent civilians living in Palestine must stop now.

Join us every Saturday at 4pm (Central European Time)
to call on Allah for
Peace for Palestine.

Prayer of the Oppressed

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Prayers for Palestine Campaign so far. We called for a mass recitation of the powerful Nasiri Dua on the 24th November and we had group recitations all over the world - from Malaysia to Mexico.The day of our campaign saw the start of a temporary truce, meaning some respite for the Palestinian families who had endured over 40 days of bombing.The bombing has however recommenced, more ferociously than before.The people of Palestine need our prayers now more than ever, so we will continue our campaign until there is permanent peace in Palestine.

Imagine the power of people all over the world calling on Allah at exactly the same time.Join us every Saturday at 4pm (Central European Time) starting on the 9th December 2023 and take part in a mass, worldwide recitation of the beautiful prayer known as the Nasiri Dua or the Prayer of the Oppressed.

This highly potent du’a, written by the renowned scholar Shaykh Muhammad ibn Nasir, was recited across Morocco and inspired resistance to the French occupation.
It was so powerful that the French President had to issue an order banning its recitation from the mosques.

“The power of this prayer lies in its simplicity, its purity, and its sincere supplication. It is essentially a plea to God that our transgressions be overlooked, that divine mercy be bestowed upon us and that righteousness reign once again in our lands. It is a plea to be freed from the aggression of foreigners in lands over which they have no right - a plea much needed in our modern world, rampant as it is with invasions and territorial occupations."
Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

How To Get Involved

Commit 10 minutes every week to recite the Nasiri Dua, calling on Allah for permanent peace for the Muslims of Palestine.

  • Recite it at a protest march

  • Arrange a group recitation at your local Mosque

  • Get a group of friends and recite it together

  • Recite it with your family

  • Join in with the live stream every Saturday on our Instagram page

  • Listen to the audio in your car, on the train, at the gym...

  • And don't forget - take a photo or video and share it using the hashtag #prayer4palestine

Downloadable Resources - everything you need to take part.

Prayer For Palestine

Join us every Saturday